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How is Blue

ISBN-10: 9783844299779

ISBN-13: 978-3844299779

Children's and youth literature → fiction

... an exciting children's book. Here you can promote your child's reading! Enjoy reading. Children from 6 to 12 years old learn social and friendly interaction with one another in a playful way in this children's book.

... adventure with small people. Four friends set off to find the flying island to help a friend. Do you find them? This book tells how they are rewarded

. about the joy of giving "the blue", about friendship, about the


Willingness to help friends ...


... until you renounce your own wishes for a good deed



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Margarete Jahn
How is Blue

App for reading and listening

... This app is fun

Margarete Jahn
Sagrei with Music



... I dedicate this book to my father, whom I loved, hated, whom I often did not understand ...


Temporal background


..... 30. January 1933 Day of seizure of power. That means not only the end of the Weimar Republic, but also the end of the German Empire. This also applies to the previous institutions of political and social life. With the "synchronization" of the German states, the administration and the judiciary, the press, the arts and science .....

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Margarete Jahn
Tom Remo



Fancy Novel


Somewhere beyond the city limits of Berlin was a small, insignificant place, almost village-like, with a single straight street. The houses neatly lined up on her. Except that of Hansen-Schmidt, a small miraculous dacha, partly colored in blue ...

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