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Mmargarete Jahn


My work is the creative medium of my life. The everyday, the fantasized, the spiritual and the experienced events - all form a stimulus for my work. By making what I experience into a work, I put it in a new context. Not as a reflection or a critical statement about my life, but as an inseparable part of it. Elements that often return are dualities and the human form in relation to their surroundings. I process them with different symbols. The point at which I suspect opening up a new area forms the horizon. There is a kind of symbiosis. This is the moment to finish the work - as clear as it is sobering.


© by Maragrete Jahn Studie
creative life


1954 Born in Duisburg / Homberg

1980 studies "History and Art, Teaching Degree", Duisburg, Cologne

1981 Prize for art students, Cologne, first group and solo exhibition

1982 Dream and Nightmare ”, Mary-Ann Gallery Based Arts, Krefeld

1983 Impressions ”, City of Krefeld, private

1984 to 1986 travel and work in Europe and South Africa

1985 dependencies ”. RUKUDU, cultural center in Duisburg

1985 Black on White ”, Loop Galerie, Düsseldorf

1986 Thinking and Feeling ”, Gallery Axoll, Johannesburg, South Africa

1988 Pastel pictures on scraps of wallpaper ”, Neuköllner Schauspiel, Berlin

1988 Book Illustrations ", in" Erlebtes und Erzähles "and" Hatzfelder Hefte ", Kassel

1989 Solo exhibition "Melancholic Impressions", Volksbank Frankenberg, Edertal District

1990 Urban Hospital, Berlin “Impressions”,

1993 Art in the Hospital ”, Galerie Dr. Fabricius, Moabit Hospital, Berlin

1995 Exhibition, Pillango Gallery, Berlin

1996 Form and Color, Man and Nature ”, Humboldt Hospital, Berlin

1993 to 1998 "Together" participation in group exhibitions in Cologne, Kassel

1999 Joint exhibition in Düsseldorf “Hand und Feder“,

2000 impressions, Jewish Hospital, Berlin

2001 Exhibition "Black on White" in Japan, Taipei Tomio Koyama Gallery

2001 Exhibition "my hand" New York, in the 7 WTC north of Vesey Street Vitality & Moll Gallery

2003 Exhibition “Black with Color” Berlin, Neukölln Dr. König

2004 Exhibition poster art “Series Bärlin” Wedding Dr. Brown

2005 Exhibition Galerie Wexor Berlin - permanent exhibition at Gendarmenmarkt Berlin
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